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On-Page SEO

You have a stunning looking website, however you are not ranking as well as you want to be on the search engines. The first step is to check your on-page SEO. We will analyze your current website and research to find the right keywords you should be targeting to rank high on the search engines. We will implement our findings and edit the current content to reflect this. By doing this the search engines will know that your content is relevant and unique to your business.

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Off-Page SEO

Once you have your On-Page SEO sorted you need to work on the Off-Page SEO. This is your backlinks coming from other related websites that are linking back to you along with links from your social profiles. The way SEO works is that the more people that like, share and link back to your website, you get more authority. You have to make sure your content is relevant and the links are relevant. We have the experience and knowledge to get you ranking where you should be.

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