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Logo Design

Begin Building Your Identity
A logo is just the beginning of building a recognisable brand; it’s the visual identity for your brand and your company. It’s the image that your customers use to relate your product to your brand. We at JMA Web Design have been designing and creating logos for a number of years and we know what we are best at. This is taking your vision and putting it into a creation that reflects your company’s values and identity.
We value your business and are 100% committed to providing you with a high quality custom designed logo that reflects your business values.
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    Select Package

    Select one of our logo design packages and provide tell us about your vision for your brand. Your vision will the main blueprint to designing your perfect logo.

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    Logo Concepts

    We take your design brief and start designing your logo. We send sample designs to you via email, this is normally sent within 2-5 working days depending on your logo package.

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    Your Feedback

    We make changes to your logo concepts based on your feedback. We want you to be happy with your logo, so let us know and we will work towards designing the logo you want.

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    Once you are happy and confirm the final logo design, we will email you the zip file containing your logo, ready to be used in as the identity of your brand.

View Prices

Choose from one of our logo design packages below and let us start the logo design process and get you the logo you want that reflects your business.

Change Currency

  • Basic
  • £100/ Monthly

    • 3 Sample Designs
    • First Draft in 5-7 Days

    • 3 Revisions

  • Standard
  • £150/ Monthly

    • 4 Sample Designs
    • First Draft in 3-4 Days

    • 4 Revisions

  • Premium
  • £200/ Monthly

    • 4 Sample Designs
    • First Draft in 2-3 Days

    • Unlimited Revisions*

  • Basic
  • $160/ Monthly

    • 3 Sample Designs
    • First Draft in 5-7 Days

    • 3 Revisions

  • Standard
  • $240/ Monthly

    • 4 Sample Designs
    • First Draft in 3-4 Days

    • 4 Revisions

  • Premium
  • $320/ Monthly

    • 4 Sample Designs
    • First Draft in 2-3 Days

    • Unlimited Revisions*

*An unlimited number of revisions may be requested by a client and these revisions will be provided unless the total amount of time spent on a logo or design project exceeds 20 hours of design time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which package should I choose?

We would suggest the premium package as you get your first drafts within 2-3 working days and also you can have more revisions done to the logo if needed.


If however you can be very specific about how you want your logo to look and have the image in mind, then the basic or standard package should be sufficient as 3-4 revision is more then enough to perfect a logo.

Are there any hidden charges for revising/changing my logo?

No, our prices are fixed and state how many revisions and drafts you get with each package. Please make sure you select the package that is right for you. If you have any confusions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The only time we will charge extra is if additional changes are requested that were not agreed prior to starting the project. We will advise you of any new charges before we begin on the changes.

When do you start working on my project?

Once we receive your order, we will contact you by the end of the next working day, usually it is the same day. We will clarify and confirm all the fine details so we have all the information we need to create the image you have in mind.


Once we have all the information we will begin on your logo and provide you 3-4 logo concepts within 2-7 working days dependent in the package you have ordered.

How long before you send me the sample designs?

We will send you the design concepts to you within 2-7 working days dependent on the package you have ordered.

What are concepts?

Concepts are the first set of sample designs that have been created based on your design brief. Once the concepts are ready, they are sent to you for your feedback.


Based on your feedback, we can use 1 concept and fine tune it to make it your final design or we can adapt and create a logo based on all the concepts.

How do revisions work?

After we receive feedback from you regarding the concepts, we begin on creating your logo. Once the changes have been made based on your feedback we will send the logo over to you. Upon receiving it you will let us know your views on the changes and how you would like to better improve the design.


Everytime you ask us to make changes this would be classed as 1 revision. So you need to make sure your feedback is very specific and detailed. Normally feedback from our clients include change of color shade, adjust font size and in some cases to use elements of 1 of the other concepts.

How many revisons can I ask for?

The number of revisions you can have depends on the package ordered. For our “Premium” package you can have as many revisions as you need up to 20 hours of design time which should be far more then needed to create the perfect logo.

What if I do not like any of concept/sample designs?

Based on your feedback we will make changes so the logo is the way you want. If we create concepts that do not match your design brief we will redo the whole process again and send you another set of concepts based on your feedback.


If, however if the concepts are correctly designed based on your brief we will make changes and consider this change as using 1 revision.

What if I have my own idea for the logo design?

If you have any ideas for you logo please let use know as this will help us design the perfect logo. Please be as specific as you can as any feedback you provide will help further improve the design.

Can you redo my existing logo design?

Yes we can, please let us know about this win your design brief. We will ask for the latest version and make the required changes based on your project details.

Who owns the copyright for my final design?

You own the copyright of the final logo.

In what formats will I receive my files?

We aim to provide you the final design in the format you require, the common formats are PNG, JPG, TIF, PDF and EPS. If you need the final design in any other format, please let us know and we will try and provide the logo in that format if it is viable.

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